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Cytopathology Fellowship
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About Us

Geisinger offers a unique multidisciplinary, subspecialty clinic environment that values and strongly supports the practice of cytopathology. We have a FNA clinic operating daily to provide consultations to referring clinical colleagues. 

Our cytology laboratory is state of the art with automated technology for specimen processing and review. We have wonderful ancillary services such as immunocytochemistry, flow cytometry and molecular pathology to support our diagnostic procedures. These facilities are the basis for an up-to-date training curriculum. 

Training, of course, is also heavily dependent on the people. We have an enthusiastic group of experienced personnel and staff in the laboratory and supporting our efforts. We love what we do and are eager to share such a rich learning environment with our fellows.

Mission Statement
The basis of our fellowship program is to provide a strong and broad-based training in cytopathology by exposing fellows to a wide spectrum of cytology specimens, including GYN pap smears, body fluids, and fine needle aspiration specimens, both non-palpable deep seated organ systems and superficial palpable lesions. The department is highly computerized with advanced digital imaging systems and numerous opportunities to develop expertise in the use of information technology. The performance of the training program is measured by progressive increased responsibility of the fellows in training, productivity of research projects during training, cytopathology board passing rate and job placement on completion of the program. The objective of the program is to produce competent cytopathologists who commit life-long learning and excellence.

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