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Internal Medicine Residency

Resident Life


Lauren Comisky, DO
Dr. Comisky, third-year Internal Medicine resident, discusses the high quality training and high quality of life at Geisinger Medical Center.

Yvonne Dansoa, DO
Yvonne Dansoa, DO, describes her experience as a Geisinger Internal Medicine resident.



Nicky Soltani, MD
Nicky Solatni, MD, talks about why Geisinger was the right choice for her Internal Medicine residency.

Alan Awdisho, MD
Alan Awdisho, MD, explains how the Geisinger Internal Medicine residency program fits his lifestyle and career goals.



Claire Pedroso, DO
Claire Pedroso, DO, explains why Geisinger's Internal Medicine residency program is right for her - and perhaps for you.



Kevin Maguire, DO
Kevin Maguire, DO, explains why he chose Geisinger for his Internal Medicine residency.


A medicine team consists of the attending, one senior resident, two interns, medical students, nurses and pharmacist.

Technology and electronic medical records are part of daily rounds as well


Dr. Hale discusses with Dr. Schroeder and Dr. Soltani some findings in a clinic patient.

All categorical residents have weekly continuity clinic. In the picture Dr. Schroeder supervises Dr. Hale performing a knee evaluation.

Mock Codes
Every other week the residents attend a mock code in the Sim-Man lab. This codes are ran by one senior resident with the assistance of one intern, respiratory therapy, anesthesia, nurse supervisor and nursing staff. 

Medications are dispensed in the same way as in a real code.

Dr. Mannaa (right) providing clear instructions to the rest of the team and assuming as code captain.

In this scenario compressions are provided by Dr. Lee, intern, while Dr. Mannaa, third-year resident, leads the team and anesthesia secures the airway. Once the situation has been successfully controlled, the team has a debriefing session to analyze the learning opportunities.

Morning Report
Morning report is presented by one of the senior residents and facilitated by the chief resident. All residents attend on a daily basis.

Dr. Yost (standing left) presenting a case, facilitated by Dr. Mery (standing right) with the participation of all residents and key faculty.

Residents’ participation is expected and encouraged.

After the session, feedback is given to the presenter. In the picture Dr. Harris, program director, gives feedback and recommendations to Dr. Yost about his presentation.

Research is an active part of residency. Geisinger has two research institutes where residents are not only welcome but encouraged to participate.


From left to right: Dr. Lauren DiMarino, hospitalist and associate program director; Dr. Esteban Mery, chief resident; Dr. Gwendolyn Akers, nephrologist; Dr. Nevin Baker, cardiology fellow; Dr. Nupur Aggarwal, 3rd-year resident; Dr. Mary Harris, program director; Denise Keyser, program coordinator; and Dr. Shadia Santos, associate program director, during Resident Research Day in the Henry Hood Research Center.

Residents represent Geisinger in the Pennsylvania ACP’s regional meeting. L-R: Dr Carlos Estrada, 3rd-year resident; Dr. Andrew Mowery, hospitalist; Dr. Lisa Schroeder, chief resident; Dr. Carlos Racedo, 3rd-year resident; Dr. Agnes Sundaresan, 3rd-year med-peds resident; Dr. Connor Mulcahy, 3rd-year internal medicine resident; Dr. Afsaneh Haftbaradaran, 2nd-year resident.

The residency leaders are the program director, the associate program directors, the chief residents and the coordinator. Periodic meetings are held to review residents' performance and program policies.

In the picture the program director, associate program director and chief residents during a core competency meeting. L-R: Dr. Mary Cruciani, associate program director; Dr. Lauren DiMarino, associate program director; Denise Keyser, program coordinator; Dr. Mary Harris, program director; Dr Shadia Santos, associate; Dr. Esteban Mery and Dr. Lisa Schroeder, chief residents; and Dr. David Gutknecht, associate program director.

Outdoor Activities
Because of Geisinger’s privileged location, outdoor activities are among the favorite activities for residents and staff.

Dr. Oreskovich rock climbing

Dr. Casale fly-fishing

Dr. Racedo during a tandem parachute jump

Social Life
As residents, we also find the time to have some time together with our families, usually in Dr. Harris’s home.

Drs.  Lauren Comisky, Zhanna Pogrebanaya, Yekaterina Kuzmenko, Carlos Estrada, Mauricio Munoz, Vladimir Proudan and Eric Lopez at Dr. Harris’s house.

Some of the residents having a good time in Dr. Pogrebanaya’s house.

Families are always welcome to the resident’s parties. Dr Lopez with his wife Eliana, Dr Mery, Dr Estrada with his son Sebastian, Dr. Parra with her son Tobias and her mother Patricia.

Welcome party for the Intern’s Class 2010: From left to right Dr. Daniel Upton, Dr. Brian Walsh, Dr. Daniel Oreskovich and his girlfriend Salma, Dr. Robert Brunner and his girlfriend, Dr. Aamir Akmal, Dr. Alicia Meadows with his husband and baby, Dr. Fatima Sultan and Dr. Juan Mejia.

 Intern Retreat

Every year the interns have a retreat to enhance team work, integration among some other activities.

The Intern’s team getting ready for some of the challenges.

Drs Hale, Meadows, Oreskovich and Davis planning the strategy for the task.

Dr. Kevin Maguire climbing the wall

Drs Brunner, Joshi and Upton being the team support for Dr. Maguire who was climbing the wall.

The intern team at the end of the retreat.


Dr. Harris surrounded by the graduating class of 2010.

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