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Otolaryngology Residency
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Frequently asked questions

Q. Will I be well trained to operate?
A. The surgical experience of residents graduating from our training program compares very favorably with national averages. The teaching staff is committed to training each resident to a high level of surgical competency.

Q. Will I get enough supervision?
A. Our training program involves much one-on-one attending staff-resident supervision and interaction. Attending staff do the lion's share of teaching (i.e., Geisinger is not a program where most teaching is done by residents to residents).

Q. Are teaching conferences adequate?
A. A full complement of teaching conferences is held monthly.

Q. What about fellowship training?
A. Geisinger's graduates have successfully obtained outstanding fellowship training positions. Our graduates have done fellowships in head and neck surgery, facial plastic surgery, neurotology, pediatric otolaryngology and laryngology.

Q. Will I pass my boards?
Every graduate our Geisinger's program in the past 20+ years has been successfully board certified by the American Board of Otoloarygology.

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