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Urology Residency

About Us

Inside you will learn more about our program and curriculum and meet the people that make our residency special. News and FAQs and our director's message will help answer your questions and you can learn how to apply and contact us. For information about resident life at Geisinger, click here.

The core mission of the Geisinger Medical Center Urology Residency Program is to develop empathetic urologic surgeons who possess an in depth understanding of the pathophysiology of urologic illness and an ability to critically evaluate and then master the ever evolving modalities for treating those illnesses.

The unique position of Geisinger Health System as the predominant provider of health services to a large rural population insures that the urology residents will be exposed to a wide variety of clinical presentations of urologic disease. The mixed rural and urban patient population provides educational opportunities for the development of interpersonal and communication skills that allow the resident to successfully manage illness within the context of the patient's social, emotional and economic situation.
The Department of Urology at Geisinger Health System is committed to the application of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to urologic diseases such as cancer, voiding dysfunction and urolithiasis. This commitment is closely integrated with a growing program in outcomes research.

Each individual faculty has advanced expertise in the standard and novel technologies in their respective discipline such as thermal ablative technology, robotics and pelvic floor reconstruction. A well-developed educational curriculum with clearly delineated goals and objectives insures that these skill sets are transferred to the urology residents.

Geisinger Medical Center is located in a small central Pennsylvania town surrounded by several high quality universities. The intimate environment provides residents and faculty alike with a highly congenial, safe and supportive work environment, which further facilitates the professional maturation of our trainees.

Urology department and residency program, June 2015.