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Administrative Fellowship

About Us

The Administrative Fellowship at Geisinger Health System has been established as a leadership training program, which will contribute to the growth and development of health care and insurance leaders. The fellowship program is designed to be a two-year leadership experience with the opportunity to apply specific graduate study principles in the practical work setting of a fully integrated healthcare delivery system.

The fellow is exposed to a wide variety of current, challenging administrative issues and is able to test both interests and skills in a variety of disciplines to help shape individual career direction.

"Our administrative fellowship is an excellent leadership development program that provides Geisinger and other health systems with highly competent and compassionate leaders well prepared for the diverse challenges of a career in health care administration. Education is a major component of the Geisinger mission, and we are pleased that the administrative fellowship is such a valuable training ground for the leaders of tomorrow."

- David T. Feinberg, M.D., President and CEO, Geisinger Health System

For more information, contact our current administrative fellows:

First-Year Fellows  
Community Hospital/
Integrated Delivery System Concentration
Northeastern Market ConcentrationCentral/Western Market Concentration
Monica McCarthy
University of Kansas Medical Center


Samira Dugan
Drexel University
Adam Robinson
University of Utah
Second-Year Fellows  
Jordan Barbour
Yale University
Gordy Evans
University of Alabama-Birmingham