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Physician Assistant Surgical Residency

The Geisinger Health System Division of Surgery offers a 12-month postgraduate physician assistant (PA) residency program in general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, ICU care and selected surgical subspecialties. The physician assistant residents will receive their supervised training at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA.

The program combines a didactic curriculum throughout all surgical clinical rotations consisting of scheduled lectures in relation to assigned readings. In addition to lectures, weekly conferences will be held and PA residents are expected to attend and participate. The weekly/monthly conferences include

  • Surgical grand rounds
  • Morbidity and mortality
  • Rotation specific conferences

The 12-month clinical rotations will be divided as follows: two months in general surgery. One month will be spent in trauma surgery. One month will be spent in plastic surgery. Two months will be spent in cardiothoracic surgery. Two months will be spent in orthopedic surgery. The final two months of the residency will be spent in elective rotations.

The workload and duties will include history and physical exam taking and documenting, completing progress notes, evaluating patients, performing daily rounds on inpatients, ordering diagnostic tests and/or laboratory studies, assisting in the operating room, and performing minor procedures. The PA resident will also participate in nighttime call with the physician resident staff and the PA staff.

For more information on Advanced Practice Residencies at Geisinger, contact the program director:

Advanced Practitioner Postgraduate Surgical Residency Program
Nevin Gorki, PA-C

Advanced Practitioner Postgraduate Neuroscience Residency Program
Kevin Hickman, PA-C

Advanced Practitioner Postgraduate Neonatology Residency Program
Ray D. Hayes, DO, Neonatologist

Qualified candidates can contact:
Belinda J. Currey, MSN, RN,
Sr. Advanced Practice Recruiter
Geisinger Health System
Human Resources Department
Danville, PA 17822-2452