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Medical Students

Know Your Campus: Geisinger Medical Center

Subway - is located on the second floor off the B Elevator. Follow the signs for "Cuisine Central"
Atrium Cafe - is located on the lower level of the Hospital for Advanced Medicine

Call facilities
2 beds/room
private bathrooms/showers
In-house phone in each room

Housing is provided at no cost to students from affiliated medical schools while students are away from their primary residence and on rotation, however, a $50/cash refundable deposit is required. Students opting to spend years three and four at the clinical campuses are expected to establish their primary residence in the community rather than in the Philadelphia area. Housing is available for non-affiliated students at a charge of $400/month. These furnished two and three-bedroom apartments/townhouses are located one mile from the main campus.

Pagers are provided to students on rotations that require taking call.

Employee parking is located behind the hospital. There are three lots with shuttle transportation to the Hospital's North Entrance for employees:
Cameron Lot - is located off Powder Mill Road
North Zone (Walkers Lot) - is located off North Academy Avenue
Upper North Zone - is located off LifeFlight Lane

Dress code
Required dress is a white lab coat as well as a Geisinger issued identification tag. Men are required to wear a tie. Geisinger scrubs are required when in the OR. Scrub cards are issued to students for a $50/cash refundable deposit.

Drug and alcohol policy
No student may use, possess, transport, promote or sell alcohol, any drug or drug paraphernalia while performing work for Geisinger Health System on Geisinger Health System premises (which includes being in personal vehicles in Geisinger Health System parking lots). Copies of the complete policy are available for reference from the Geisinger Human Resources Department.

Health Care
Access to emergency health care will be provided. The student must have personal health insurance and is responsible for the cost of any care provided.

Elective Rotations
Elective rotations are available to students from LCME and AOA accredited medical schools. Students must apply through VSAS.

General information
Rotations and clerkships are arranged through:

Undergraduate Medical Education
100 N. Academy Ave.
Danville, PA 17822-1351

Take the Foss Clinic elevator to the fourth floor. Turn left off the elevator into the medical education suite. Students are to report the Geisinger Education and Medical Simulation Center (GEMS) at 8:30 am on the first day of the rotation, students will be provided with a general orientation. This will include the following:

Review of the confidential nature of Geisinger patient information

  • Training in the use of the Geisinger electronic health record
  • HIPAA training
  • Completion of a student security agreement
  • Review of the Patients Rights and Responsibilities brochure
  • Review of the dress code
  • Review of Geisinger's drug and alcohol policy
  • Passwords system accesses
  • Lectures are held daily and students are welcome to attend any of the lectures and conferences.