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Medical Students

Core Clerkships

Since its inception in 1915, Geisinger Health System has had an unwavering commitment to medical education. We proudly continue our legacy of patient-centered care and academic excellence.

Students complete their clinical education (third and fourth years of medical school) within Geisinger Health System. In addition to the required core rotations and electives, students complete the Geisinger Integrated Curriculum (.pdf) that provides them with an understanding of how quality, value, patient safety and team skills are integrated into systems of modern healthcare delivery.

Although these schools serve as the primary affiliates, Geisinger welcomes more than 300 students each year from 25 different states. Affiliated students have the opportunity to complete third-year core clerkships in all major specialties at the Geisinger Health System.

Core clerkships

A wide variety of electives and subinternships are available for both affiliated and visiting medical students.

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Kristi Shirk, BA
Medical Education Specialist
Fax{ 570-214-5090

Douglas F. Kupas, MD
Associate Chief Academic Officer for Simulation and Medical Education
Fax: 570-214-5090