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Medical Students

Medical Student Compact

Compact between Medical Students, Faculty, and Academic Affairs at Geisinger Health System

The clinical years of medical school are an integral component of the formal education of future physicians. Geisinger Health System has a proud legacy and long-standing commitment to medical student education. We continuously have offered a wide variety of outstanding clerkships throughout our institution. In order to meet the educational goals of medical students and to foster a stimulating academic environment among our faculty, we have formalized a set of expectations for medical students, their teachers, and the Academic Affairs Office at Geisinger Health System.

The compact between medical students, faculty, and Academic Affairs at Geisinger Health System is a declaration of our vision of the fundamental principles of undergraduate medical education and the major commitments of medical students, faculty, and staff to the educational process, to each other, and to the patients they serve. The Compact provides students, faculty, and staff with a model statement that promotes open communication, clarifies expectations, and empowers individual clerkship directors to assure a consistently superior learning experience throughout the Geisinger Health System.

The Compact has been adapted from the Association of American Medical Colleges’ (AAMC) document, Compact between Resident Physicians and Their Teachers, published January 2006 (

Commitments of Medical Students

  • Will embrace the core values of the medical profession, including honesty, compassion, integrity and dependability, and will behave accordingly in all interactions with Geisinger patients, members of the health care team, peers, and staff.
  • Will demonstrate respect for all patients and the health care team without regard to gender, race, religion, economic status, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Will place the patient’s welfare uppermost with quality health care and patient safety as primary objectives.
  • Will respect patient privacy and confidentiality at all times, and will follow Geisinger policies and procedures regarding electronic health records.
  • Will adhere to professional dress codes as required by each clerkship.
  • Will be timely for all assigned lectures and clinical duties, and will properly prepare for and complete all assignments.
  • Pledge to be diligent in the acquisition of medical knowledge and clinical skills appropriate for our level of training, and will fulfill all objectives set forth by each clerkship.
  • Understand and value the need for ongoing supervision and guidance throughout each clerkship.
  • Will be open to constructive feedback by supervisory faculty and residents throughout each clerkship, and will seek regular feedback on performance.
  • Will prepare for and successfully complete all objective assessments, such as shelf examinations, as required by each clerkship.
  • Will complete in a timely fashion all clerkship evaluations to allow ongoing assessment and improvement of individual clerkships and faculty.

Commitments of Geisinger Health System Faculty

  • Act as role models for medical students by maintaining the highest standards of patient care and showing respect for and open communication with all members of the health care team.
  • Will demonstrate respect for all medical students as individuals without regard to gender, race, religion, economic status, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Will commit to fostering an atmosphere of academic excellence and exemplary professionalism. Faculty will provide didactic and clinical experiences having educational value and will ensure that students have opportunities and time to pursue learning to acquire clinical knowledge and skills set forth in the clerkship objectives.
  • In fulfilling the primary responsibility to patient care, faculty will provide students with ongoing and appropriate supervision throughout each clerkship.
  • Will provide medical students with prompt orientation at the start of individual clerkships.
  • Will provide medical students with written objectives appropriate for their level of training and evaluation expectations at the start of individual clerkships.
  • Will provide medical students with easy access to syllabi, texts, and online reference materials to allow acquisition of necessary medical knowledge required to achieve the objectives for individual clerkships.
  • Will provide ample opportunity for students to participate in the supervised care of patients. Students will be given progressive responsibilities and be considered an important component of the health care team, as appropriate for their level of training.
  • Will provide ample opportunity for students to learn, assist in, and be supervised in performing and procedural and interpretive skills required for ongoing patient care in the clerkship’s host department and deemed appropriate for medical students.
  • Will evaluate the student’s performance on a regular basis including formative mid-clerkship verbal feedback and written summative feedback at the completion of each clerkship. When necessary, will seek the assistance of other departmental faculty and residents to evaluate students. Appropriate evaluation forms must be completed and returned to Academic Affairs within 60 days of the completion of each clerkship.
  • Pledge that we will work to make all components of our clerkship a high quality clinical learning experience, including our contributions as teachers, observers, and evaluators of medical students under our supervision.

Commitments of Geisinger Academic Affairs

  • For GHS clinical campus medical students, we will confer with medical schools to screen and select students who have demonstrated adequate academic performance and appropriate personal characteristics.
  • For non-clinical campus students, we will require prospective students to submit written applications, transcripts, and brief curriculum vitas that will be jointly reviewed with the prospective host department at GHS.
  • Will provide a general orientation to GHS, to include policies and procedures governing medical students, all security accesses, and ID badges. This will occur on the morning of either the first day of the new academic year for clinical campus students or the first day of each clerkship period for non-clinical campus students.
  • Assist in counseling and advising students who may encounter academic or personal difficulties.    
  • Will administer all post-clerkship examinations, including NBME shelf-examinations, a universal GHS education experience assessment completed by students, and all post-clerkship assessments of training generated by each department. For clinical campus students, exit interviews and/or a group debriefing will be conducted at the end of the academic year.
  • Advocate for appropriate structure and quality of all medical student learning experiences. Will provide assistance to clerkship directors, faculty, and the departments to facilitate the provision of medical student education that is student-centered, has a foundation built on adult learning principles, provides supervised patient care experiences appropriate for the student’s level of training, and uses transparent methods to evaluate students.
  • Advocate for campus life experiences that are safe, comfortable, and stimulating.

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