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Family Medicine Residency


About Us

The Kistler Family Medicine Residency at Geisinger Wyoming Valley is named in honor of David W. Kistler, MD, who was a family physician in the Wilkes-Barre area for more than 50 years and committed to full-service family medicine. The program launched in 2007, and attracts top-notch medical students from all across the country.

Our residents are embedded into existing family practice offices throughout the local area, supervised by board-certified family physicians. During the course of their residency, they establish their own panel of patients whom they follow into the hospital, nursing home and across the continuum of their care.

The Kistler Family Medicine Residency program exemplifies Geisinger’s academic mission to train the best future physicians to better serve our area and the nation. Our program aims to:

  • We will train our residents to be capable, conscientious, caring Family Medicine physicians, doctors which we ourselves would want as our own personal physician. 
  • We will provide, when possible, individualized training so that each resident may acquire the tools to achieve his or her own personal goals.
  • When training is completed, we expect that each resident will become a colleague of ours here at Geisinger, and be given every opportunity to do so. A resident trained here can stay here, should that resident choose to.
  • Should a resident go elsewhere, we expect that he or she will use what has been learned here to improve the care elsewhere and be ambassadors for our program and Geisinger.  
  • We expect our residents to become both lifelong learners and teachers. The value of education and learning is fundamental to our program and the profession. 

Kistler Family Medicine Residency