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Academic Affairs


Today’s medical students and residents will build the health care delivery system of tomorrow. Geisinger’s integrated learning environment has just what it takes to make the transition to the future of medicine. 

Traditionally, students and residents required a foundation of excellent medical knowledge coupled with highly developed patient care skills to become leaders in medicine. These areas of competency remain necessary but are no longer sufficient for students and residents to become high performing physicians and leaders of medical care teams.

 Geisinger’s Medical Education programs prepare students and residents to deliver and manage care using both the traditional physician methods of one-on-one patient-physician interaction and the breakthrough processes that are propelling Geisinger integrated health care delivery forward.

Geisinger learners have the advantage of the most advance electronic health record available anywhere, with inside views of how to build and use crucial decision support tools and accessing patient registries for improving the health of their panel of patients. 

Care teams and processes that are now recognized as fundamental to high reliability health care delivery, including such items as microsystem huddles, PDSAs, family/patient centered processes transitions of care and root cause analysis are integrated into every clinical learning environment. ProvenCare processes for surgical care ensure improved care processes. Breakthrough ambulatory care in continuity clinics includes use of chronic care bundles and nationally recognized advanced medical home.

Visit us and learn just how Geisinger’s medical education will accelerate your career in medicine.