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Geisinger Commonwealth Workplace/Learning Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy

This policy was established to provide Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine employees and students with guidelines promoting workplace/learning anti-violence on Geisinger Commonwealth premises, during the normal course of employment, study or while conducting Geisinger Commonwealth business. The policy also outlines the methods for maintaining a work/learning environment free from the effect of violence.

Geisinger Commonwealth Sexual Assault Policy

Geisinger Commonwealth expects all of its employees and students to respect the rights and dignity of each other. A sexual offense is a serious violation of these standards which will be addressed through the appropriate discipline process and will not be tolerated. Read the policy.

Geisinger Commonwealth Anti-Sexual Harassment and Consensual Romantic Relationships Policy

Geisinger Commonwealth strives to provide a work and academic environment free of sexual harassment, intimidation or exploitation. If such behavior is found to exist, Geisinger Commonwealth will act to stop the harassment, prevent its recurrence and take appropriate action against those responsible, including discipline. In addition, Geisinger Commonwealth provides specific guidelines for consensual romantic relationships among faculty and staff, particularly those in unequal positions or where there is a reporting relationship, and strongly discourages all consensual romantic relationships between Geisinger Commonwealth employees and current students, accepted students or students involved in the application rel="noopener noreferrer" and acceptance process. Read the policy.

Campus Security – U.S. Department of Education

View more information from the U.S. Department of Education.

2018 Jeanne Clery Act Statistics Report

Geisinger Commonwealth Annual Security Report 2017-2018
Geisinger Commonwealth Public Safety Log