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Consumer information

Notice of availability of institutional and financial aid information

This page has been created to fulfill Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s compliance with the disclosure requirements under Title IV. Title IV requires institutions participating in financial aid programs to disclose specified information to all prospective students. Below is a list of the disclosure requirements, and links to pages that contain the actual information or where to obtain the information.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information 

  • Geisinger's Coronavirus Resource Center
  • General GCSOM updates can be found here.
  • CARES Act
    • Current students can learn about COVID-19 emergency grants here.
    • CARES Act reporting information can be found here.
  • Prospective medical students can find updates concerning our upcoming application cycle here.

Financial assistance information

Contact for financial aid information
Sue McNamara, BS
Director of Financial Aid

General institutional information

Tuition and fees at Geisinger Commonwealth 

Refund of student charges

Contact for tuition and fees and refunds information
Rita King
Director of Accounting and Business Operations‪‪
570-207-3692 ‬‬‬‬

Academic programs

Student Bulletin

Changes in enrollment

Career and placement services

MD career services
Contact for MD career and placement services information

Julia A. Kolcharno, MA
Director of Student Development, Academic Advising and Career Engagement

MBS career services
Contact for MBS career and placement services information

Erin Sutzko
Associate Dean of Graduate Education
Director of Graduate Admissions

Student activities

Contact for student activities information
Vicki T. Sapp, PhD
Director of Student Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion and Assistant Professor

Privacy of student records

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Contact for FERPA and student record privacy information
Edward Lahart, MS

Facilities and services available to students with disabilities

Student Bulletin

Contact for facilities and services available to students with disabilities information
Jackie Ghormoz, MSW
Assistant Dean of Students

Student body diversity

Contact for student body diversity information
Edward Lahart, MS
Ida L. Castro, JD
Vice President for Community Engagement & Chief Diversity Officer

Textbook information

Contact for textbook information
Geisinger Commonwealth Medical Library

Transfer of credit policies and articulation agreements

Geisinger Commonwealth does not accept transfer credits earned at other institutions for its degree programs. Geisinger Commonwealth does not have any articulation agreements with any other institution to accept credits earned at Geisinger Commonwealth.

Contact for transfer of credit information
Edward Lahart, MS

Institutional and program accreditation, approval or licensure

Student Bulletin

Copyright infringement policies and sanctions

Including computer use and file sharing

Contact for copyright infringement policies and sanctions information:
Jay Fortin 
Senior Director, Information Technology

Employee non-discrimination and equal employment policy

School of Medicine careers

Contact for equal opportunity/non-discriminatory policy information
Joe Martin
Regional HR Director, Geisinger Northeast
570-703-7065 or 570-808-7871

Student outcomes information

Health and safety

Contact for Campus Security information
John Gorczyk
Director of Facilities and Public Safety

Voter registration

Voter registration forms are available in the Department of Student Affairs.

Julia A. Kolcharno, MA
Director of Student Development, Academic Advising and Career Engagement 

Conflict of interest policies

Geisinger Commonwealth Conflicts of Interest and Interactions between Industry and Faculty, Staff and Students
Department of Legal Services
Patti Williams, 570-271-6781 or
Lori Gramley, 570-271-6781 or

Faculty Research and Financial Conflict of Interest Policy
Sonia Lobo, PhD, RYT
Associate Dean for Research & Scholarship

Code of Conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals
Sue McNamara
Director of Financial Aid