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Although Stephanie Amendola says she’s wanted to be a doctor “ever since I can remember,” her father’s battle with sarcoma made her certain. “It was the first time I was exposed to anyone enduring an extended stay in the hospital. His healthcare team was great, they all worked together and today he is well – that impressed me.”

After graduating from Holy Redeemer High School, the Mountain Top native attended Clemson University in South Carolina, where she majored in biology with a minor in psychology. During her years at Clemson, she clarified her vision for the future through volunteer work at the Clemson Child Development Center and for the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children which piqued her interest in pediatrics. “I also volunteered for a medical service trip to Panama and Costa Rica. This was the first time I actually got hands-on involvement with patients. I found that I was comfortable talking to patients, and their gratitude really made the trip an outstanding experience,” she said.

When she graduated from Clemson, Stephanie knew what her next step would be. Her sister, Emily, was already a medical student at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, so Stephanie had heard great things about the school. “I was ready to be back in northeastern Pennsylvania,” she said. Her strong academic performance also helped. Stephanie is the recipient of both the Jennifer A. Sidari, MD ’13 Memorial Scholarship and the Commonwealth Health Future Physician’s Scholarship.

Today, nearing completion of her first year, Stephanie said she couldn’t be happier in her choice of schools. “I just finished my community week, where students spend time exploring community agencies and the region in which they will conduct their third-year rotations. I have been fortunate enough to spend time at Ruth’s Place (a women’s shelter), the Day Development Program in Kingston, and the White Haven Center. I found that the advertising was true – Geisinger Commonwealth is not just about faculty, staff or students. It’s truly patient-centered and grounded in community.”
Stephanie Amendola