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Boston University Medical Center

Specialty: Obstetrics & Gynecology

Hometown: Boston, MA

Alexandra Belcher-Obejero-Paz, MD ’15, matched at Boston University Medical Center and has quickly transitioned from medical student to resident. Dr. Belcher-Obejero-Paz shares, “Being a resident is difficult, yet exhilarating! There is so much to learn and sometimes the learning curve seems insurmountable. However, every day I come out the other end a little more confident and a little more knowledgeable.”

When asked how Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine prepared her for residency, Dr. Belcher-Obejero-Paz says, “Geisinger Commonwealth provided me with a great deal of patient exposure. Because of my Geisinger Commonwealth mentors, I am confident with my physical examination and interviewing skills.”

The education Dr. Belcher-Obejero-Paz received has given her the ability to understand that clinical care is complex, just like each patient. She is putting her knowledge to the test. “Most importantly, I feel that I am constantly thinking about the full picture; that is, what is going on in the patient’s life that could be impacting their decision-making process and their health outcomes. This has been important with the patient population I serve at Boston University Medical Center,” she adds.

Once Dr. Belcher-Obejero-Paz completes her residency, she will be working for at least four years in an underserved community due to her status as a National Health Service Corps Scholar. She plans to split her time as a laborist and primary care practitioner in women’s health.

Dr. Belcher-Obejero-Paz’s advice for graduating medical students: “Fourth year is the best year of medical school with lots of anticipation and happy changes. Enjoy every moment and take the time to continue to strengthen friendships. Everything will work out as it should, so try not to sweat the small stuff.”
Alexandra Belcher-Obejero-Paz