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The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education

Specialty: Internal Medicine

Hometown: Pittston, PA

“Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine really excels at preparing its students in the gathering of information and the presentation of this information to attending physicians.”

Kevin Musto, MD ’14, joined The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education Residency Program in Internal Medicine and has quickly transitioned from medical student to resident. According to Dr. Musto, “In residency, you need to put all of the information you learned to use. In medical school, the worst case scenario was that you got a question wrong, but in the hospital your knowledge has real life implications. While this is a daunting proposition, it also leads to residency being extremely rewarding. Each day you get to make decisions that will positively affect your patients. Although the hours are long, the time spent with patients and hearing them thank you for helping them makes it all worth it.” Dr. Musto said. “I feel that I am miles ahead of other residents in my interaction with patients and my presentation skills. Because we started from day one at Geisinger Commonwealth interacting with patients and learning how to do a history and physical, I feel like I am much more efficient at my job and I can spend my extra time developing a connection with my patients.” He is learning to put his knowledge to the test.

Dr. Musto's advice for graduating medical students: “Take advantage of the opportunities you are given in the third and fourth years. During this time you are given a lot of leeway in your education and it is important to maximize this. Take these years seriously even though you won’t always have someone watching over your shoulder to make sure you are doing what you should be doing.”

Kevin Musto