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Intricately involved in the community, the Blomains have always supported Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine students, in all ways. Eric Blomain, MD, is a surgeon and medical director of NEPA Plastic Surgery Associates. He serves Geisinger Commonwealth as a clinical associate professor of surgery and chairs the Curriculum Action Committee. Mrs. Blomain is a volunteer for Geisinger Commonwealth’s annual Gala to support student scholarships.

Like many, Dr. Blomain believes that Geisinger Commonwealth is the catalyst for the evolution of excellence in healthcare in northeastern and central Pennsylvania. He stated, “Medicine is important to me and there has always been good medicine practiced in Pennsylvania, but Geisinger Commonwealth is now a focus of excellence to raise the bar. The school will increase the quality of healthcare in the region, including the types of services offered across the board. This will enable more patients to stay in the area.”

The Blomains echo thoughts on Geisinger Commonwealth’s financial impact on the region: “Our businesses are helped by students, faculty and staff. Geisinger Commonwealth will get bigger and better, in part by the support of the community,” Mrs. Blomain said. Communities that have successful medical schools attract entrepreneurs, and others. Dr. Blomain added, “This creates a tremendous economic impact and becomes the driving force in helping the community. It brings federal and state funding, fosters entrepreneurship and motivates philanthropists. This causes an increase in the flow of money to the medical community, both doctors and institutions, by the increase in services and quality.”

Students remain their highest priority. “The Hippocratic Oath binds us to pass on our trade. When you’re teaching a novice, you have to be better, so it keeps you on the cutting edge,” said Dr. Blomain. “I want to support students who may not be able to afford medical school and give them this opportunity to go on and do wonderful things,” added Mrs. Blomain.

According to Dr. Blomain, “Geisinger Commonwealth’s goal is to educate Pennsylvania students to increase the number of physicians in the state. Given that, it is imperative that Geisinger Commonwealth succeeds. And that is why I’m willing to donate time and money to ensure Geisinger Commonwealth’s survival.”