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MD Class of 2020

Wayne Memorial Health System Scholar

Whether he is raising money to fight cancer, encouraging healthy eating or supporting cultural and educational programming that enriches his hometown’s quality of life, Evan Frigoletto is all about community.

The Honesdale native said his desire to get involved is a family affair. His mother, Michelle, is a fourth-generation barber who operates Mick’s Barbershop, a Honesdale fixture since 1890. The shop’s longevity is due in part to the family’s community-centric philanthropy and volunteerism.

Philanthropy comes in the form of a cancer fundraiser the entire town gets behind. “Mick’s Barbershop holds a biennial ‘Buzz Off for Cancer’ fundraiser,” Evan said, “The whole community participates. The teachers at Honesdale High School even do it. They get their heads shaved in the gym in front of the student body. It’s pretty fun.” Since joining the Geisinger Commonwealth student body, Evan, a second-year medical student who also holds a master of biomedical sciences (MBS) degree from Geisinger Commonwealth, has alsopersuaded his fellow students to get a close cut for a good cause.

Evan also volunteers for The Cooperage Project, a Honesdale quality-of-life effort that “offers a range of instructive and entertaining activities that will engage, challenge and enlighten” in a converted barrel-maker’s building. “The Cooperage has an indoor farmer’s market and, through a grant from the United Way, they give out ‘Coop Cash’ vouchers that let people buy fresh, healthy food,” Evan said. “I demonstrate healthy recipes people can make using ingredients available at the market.” His most recent demonstration involved a kale and chickpea salad.

Evan is also president of Geisinger Commonwealth’s brand-new Cooking Club. Through the club, Evan, who enjoys good spicy Bolognese sauce and recently got his club members to sample a tasty lapin aux olives (rabbit with olives), encourages good health and camaraderie. He said this and his Cooperage volunteer work promote healthy food combined with affordability. “I think doctors should set an example, and good nutrition is something anyone in healthcare can get behind,” he said.

Evan Frigoletto
Evan Frigoletto volunteering at The Cooperage Project
Evan volunteering at The Cooperage Project