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GCSOM salutes its own student veterans

This Veterans Day, GCSOM salutes its own student veterans, including Abigail Geisinger Scholar, Youngeun Choi Armbuster. Youngeun is pursuing a career in pediatrics and, as an Abigail Geisinger Scholar, her goal is to remain in our region to care for children as a Geisinger physician.

She has a laudable history of service to others. She was a medic in the U.S Army Reserve from 2014-2018 and a combat medic in Military Police unit in Horsham, Pa. “Most of my training within the unit included taking care of soldiers’ medical needs and working with detainees in the medical portion of their processing,” she said.

In addition to Youngeun, GCSOM has four medical students who are veterans of U.S. military service and we salute them all, including:

  • John Baranoski, Navy, Class of 2020
  • Jason Homza, Marines, Class of 2020
  • Sean Watson, Marines, Class of 2022
  • Charles Yu, Marines, Class of 2023

In addition, 16 GCSOM medical students will enter military service as commissioned officers upon graduation as part of the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP), which offers prospective military physicians paid medical education in exchange for service as a commissioned medical department officer. HPSP students are:

Class of 2020

  • Kristina Borham, Airforce
  • Michael Frein, Airforce
  • Mary Pavlovich, Army
  • Evan Porter, Airforce
  • Matthew Weirich, Army

Class of 2021

  • Timothy Farrell, Army
  • Regino Flores, Air Force
  • David Hinnenkamp, Army
  • Adam Howell, Navy
  • Ryan Kozloski, Army
  • Jonathan Livezey, Army

Class of 2022

  •  Brian Banas, Air Force
  • Timothy Boorady, Air Force
  • Emily Christie, Army
  • Johanna Dungca, Army
  • Sara Graham, Air Force
Youngeun Choi Armbuster, MD Class of 2022
Youngeun Choi Armbuster, MD Class of 2022