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On Oct. 29 GCSOM’s Office of Research and Scholarship and the Research and Scholarship Committee of the Department of Medical Education honored several faculty members who received 2019-2020 Improvement and Development of Education Awards (IDEA) and Research: Advancement and Scholarship (RAS) grants.

Improvement and Development of Education Awards (IDEAs)

IDEA grants support faculty research projects that foster innovation and improvement in teaching, learning, pedagogical methods, educational technology, and educational scholarship. These grants are intended to facilitate experimental, faculty-initiated innovations to improve teaching, faculty development, the efficiency and quality of medical education, application of new technology, or other innovative ideas that will improve the educational environment in the MD curriculum. IDEA awards are granted on a competitive basis and intended to promote educational scholarship and faculty collaboration.

Research: Advancement and Scholarship Grants (RAS)

RAS grants support faculty-initiated research projects that foster advancement of biomedical, population, epidemiological, or other quality improvement projects with a focus on training medical students and/or promoting faculty and student scholarship at GCSOM. These grants are intended to provide resources that allow faculty to seek advancement in their respective fields through scholarly achievements such as publications and national presentations with the goal of capitalizing on project potential to gain future external funding. Successful proposed projects should result in a tangible deliverable such as a publication, manuscript, model, national presentation, or submission for external funding. Ideally, RAS grants will support projects that will create an environment for GCSOM students to engage in faculty-driven scholarly research. 

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