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March 30 is Doctors' Day

The desire to serve others is a core motivation for those who choose to study medicine. Now, during this unprecedented health crisis, we hope that our physicians and our health professional colleagues can draw on this inspiration to find the energy and hope needed to sustain them during these unprecedented circumstances.
The COVID-19 crisis may place greater demands upon your knowledge, skill and compassion than at any other time in your career. Yet today there is a deep public gratitude and a keen public admiration for healthcare professionals and the selfless nature of their work. The pandemic underscores just how remarkable modern medicine can be at treating illness as well as enhancing good health for most of us, yet how vulnerable we are in the face of a novel virus. And now our friends and neighbors are reminded of how much the healthcare community has contributed to the miracle of modern medicine and to responses to emerging health crises.
Doctors' Day is always a time for expressing gratitude. This year, however, it matters even more to let you know how thankful we are that you are the role models of our future physicians. Your example will forever influence our students' notions of what grace under pressure and love of community look like.
Thank you all for the guidance and inspiration that you provide to our students. And Happy Doctors' Day!
- Steven J. Scheinman, MD
President and Dean, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Geisinger
- Janet Townsend, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Happy Doctors' Day 2020!