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Northeast Region House Staff Teacher of the Year Award

Jarrod Buzalewski, DO, has never forgotten the awkward role of being a medical student on a surgical rotation. “I remember what it was like to feel in the way or even forgotten,” he said, adding that those memories have inspired him to include the medical students shadowing him and make them active participants in their education.
“One of the things that I try to do each day is engage my students in one surgical topic that comes up on rounds or the operating room. It might be appendicitis, hernias, or gallbladder/diverticular disease. I ask them questions and prompt them to do some research. And I always follow up,” he said. “I also try to involve them actively in surgeries, which may be something as simple as holding the camera during laparoscopic procedures. While that may seem trivial, they get to participate directly in the case and see what is going on during the operation, which is crucial to learning in surgery. I also get them technically involved by having them close incisions, change dressings, and checking on patients after surgery.”
Dr. Buzalewski’s active teaching style has earned him the admiration of his students and his peers have also noticed. They awarded him the Northeast Region Teacher of the Year award.
The is an award is given to the best of the best in:
  • Willingness to teach
  • Effective use of constructive criticism
  • Creative and innovative ways of implementing teaching strategies
  • Differentiating instruction for each individual member that they work with
  • Approachability for feedback and support
  • Supports all areas of academic growth
  • Exhibits care and compassion with patients

Although COVID-19 will prevent Dr. Buzalewski from the traditional ceremony, he is honored nevertheless. “Teaching is a rewarding experience and an important way of giving back” he said. “I fondly recall those individuals that taught me in medical school. I also believe that if you are able to teach effectively, I think it shows that you have mastery of the subject.”
The Reading, PA native has completed his general surgery residency at Geisinger and is headed to Tampa for a fellowship in bariatric and minimally invasive GI surgery.
Jarrod Buzalewski, DO
Jarrod Buzalewski, DO

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