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Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine's (GCSOM's) Graduate Student Council recognizes Darin Chhing as November Leader of the Month.

Graduate Student Council honors Darin as an initiative taker in several aspects of administrative organization and for his responsiveness to the Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) cohorts.

Darin, a resident of Vancouver, Wash., stumbled across GCSOM’s MBS program through a Google search, and he describes his experience as a blessing.

Darin credits who he is to music and the creativity born from it. Growing up, he played piano and saxophone and furthered his musical career through writing music in high school. In college, he served as conductor of the TEDxBerkeley Orchestra, an achievement of which he is most proud.

Darin also attributes who he is to his time spent with AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps is a voluntary civil society program with a goal of “helping others and meeting critical needs in the community.” Darin became a mentor, spending his time helping high school students with math and science. He remains motivated to continue mentoring.

A constant theme for Darin is resilience. He has made it a priority to ensure that he is constantly becoming a better version of who he was yesterday. He says, “As a non-traditional applicant, I have grown to understand that building resilience takes time and patience because it calls upon us to be worthy of our struggles and sacrifices.” Darin is currently in the process of interviewing for medical school. Career-wise, he is still exploring specialties in medicine but knows that as a physician he will focus on health disparities, the advancement of medical education and community advocacy.

Thank you for your leadership, Darin!

Darin Chhing, GCSOM MBS student