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Monica Joglekar, a member of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s MD Class of 2022, was among the medical-student authors of the independently published book, 'Diary of a Med Student.'

Released in September, the book features 100 student authors offering reflections on various aspects of the medical school experience.

Monica wrote about her life-changing experience working in a hospice unit. After caring for hospice patients, getting to know their families and coming to admire the selflessness and compassion of the hospice caregivers, Monica wrote, “I can think of nothing more rewarding than helping someone navigate the certainty in morality and the uncertainties of what comes after death.”

“More 200 students from 50 different medical schools applied. It was an honor to be selected,” Monica said. “The book is organized into tales, such as tales of sorrow, tales of joy and so forth. My story was in tales of inspiration. The hospice experience changed me in a very profound way, to the point where I am considering palliative care. In fact, that is my elective this year."

Her success with the book has encouraged Monica to continue to write. “I have always wanted to be a writer and it is definitely one of my passions. I hope to incorporate it into my medical career,” she said.

According to its Amazon description, Diary of a Med Student is “a book created by medical students, for medical students, doctors, pre-med students, and their loved ones to look backward, forward, and laterally on the wonderful world of medical school. This book offers a space to reflect on our emotions, process their meaning, and share them as tales of sorrow, humor, joy, or inspiration, told from the perspective of medical students writing in a diary.” The brainchild of two University of California, Irvine students, Diary of a Med Student (DOAMS) has garnered praise from such luminaries as Abraham Verghese, MD. All of the proceeds from the book go to the DOAMS scholarship fund for medical students. For more information or to purchase the book, click here.

Monica Joglekar, MD Class of 2022