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On Saturday, July 31 Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (GCSOM) held commencement exercises celebrating 67 members of its Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Class of 2021.

During the ceremony, eight graduates received awards noting exceptional service to their class.

“The student leadership awards presented during commencement recognize students who of course demonstrated academic excellence but also pushed themselves to do more,” said Erin Sutzko, EdD, associate Dean of GCSOM’s School of Graduate Education. “Whether it was devoting the extra time necessary to lead community service projects or going out of their way to support their fellow classmates, the award winners impressed faculty, staff and students alike with their energy and drive.”

Student award winners were:

Service to Community Award, presented to students who went above and beyond to passionately serve both Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and their community. These recipients have organized special events, volunteered and participated in valuable community outreach and service.

  • Scranton award: Alivia Roberts
  • Doylestown award: Stefi Dumpala

Excellence in Leadership Award, presented to students who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, exhibiting qualities such as motivating others, being a good role model, resiliency and creating a more inclusive community among the class.

  • Scranton award: Darin Chhing
  • Doylestown award: Gwendolene Conteh

Professional Performance Award, presented to students who demonstrated utmost respect for their classmates, faculty and staff. These students sought solutions, took initiative, maintained proper and effective communication and consistently acted with integrity with challenges arose.

  • Scranton award: Colleen Jordan
  • Doylestown award: Rubi Ventura

Service to Class Award, presented to the students who have worked hard to plan events for the class, served as a mentors to their peers and created new initiatives to share with the community and future classes. These students truly appreciated the purpose and value of giving back and living the school’s mission of service.

  • Scranton award: Amy Kennalley
  • Doylestown award: Stefi Dumpala


Alivia Roberts and Stefi Dumpala, members of the MBS Class of 2021

Alivia Roberts and Stefi Dumpala

Darin Chhing and Gwendolene Conteh, members of the MBS Class of 2021

Darin Chhing and Gwendolene Conteh

Colleen Jordan and Rubi Ventura, members of the MBS Class of 2021

Colleen Jordan and Rubi Ventura

Amy Kennalley and Stefi Dumpala, members of the MBS Class of 2021

Amy Kennalley and Stefi Dumpala

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