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On Oct. 14, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (GCSOM) honored Stanley J. Dudrick, MD, the eminent surgeon, father of total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and Nanticoke native, with a plaque dedicated to his memory in its Medical Sciences Building in Scranton.

The plaque also recognizes Dr. Dudrick’s distinction of having been awarded the title “professor emeritus” posthumously.

The plaque calls to mind the millions of lives Dr. Dudrick saved by discovering a way to feed patients unable to absorb nutrition through their digestive systems. TPN, which delivers life-sustaining nutrition directly into the blood, has saved the lives of countless patients with burns, cancer or surgery and of premature infants.

GCSOM President and Dean Steven J. Scheinman, MD, joined members of Dr. Dudrick’s family to dedicate the plaque and to recall the brilliant and humble man who called the citizens of northeastern Pennsylvania, “my people.”

“Stan never forgot his roots,” Dr. Scheinman said. “After his incredible career, marked by a discovery that ranks among the top three achievements in 20th century medicine, Stan wanted to come home. And he did, teaching our medical students from 2013 until his death in January of 2020. Our school will always be grateful to him and to his family for embracing our students and becoming ardent supporters of medical education in our region.”

The plaque hangs in the lobby of GCSOM’s Medical Sciences Building, located at 525 Pine Street in Scranton.

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Stanley J. Dudrick, MD plaque