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Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in September 2020 announced a major addition to its leadership structure.

“Since the transformation of The Commonealth Medical College into Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (GCSOM), it has been our goal to integrate the school fully into Geisinger,” President and Dean Steve J. Scheinman, MD said. “To advance this integration we will recognize the eight clinical institutes of Geisinger as integral institutes of GCSOM, with a status similar to the academic departments found in most medical schools.”

According to Dr. Scheinman and William Jeffries, PhD, vice dean for medical education and vice president for academic affairs:

Effective Sept. 21, each institute lead holds a dual appointment as chair of a GCSOM Institute, reporting to Dr. Bill Jeffries.

The new GCSOM institutes will be the operational home for Geisinger physicians who have faculty appointments, reporting to their respective institute chairs. These institutes will be responsible for the clinical elements of our curriculum. They will continue collaboration with faculty at non-Geisinger Campuses to assure the provision of excellent instruction and student advising. The GCSOM Department of Medical Education will continue its mission of instruction in the basic sciences, formal clinical skills instruction and assessment, medical education and scientific research, curriculum development and pedagogical expertise.

The new structure will engage the institute chairs more fully in design and delivery of the medical school curriculum and foster integration of the clinical faculty within the medical school. It will enhance involvement of Geisinger physicians in clinical teaching, student advising, curriculum development, faculty development and advancement, and participation in undergraduate medical education administration.

The new GCSOM chairs are: