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Year 4 curriculum

Fourth year is focused on advanced clinical experiences. Throughout the fourth year, students participate in a variety of sub-internships, as well as several months reserved for electives.

GCSOM MD year 4

Residency prep

Knowing how you compare to others competing for the same residency program is essential. That’s why Geisinger Commonwealth uses the Association of American Medical Colleges’ (AAMC) model of assessing readiness for residency matching, together with our own institutional data, to provide practical counseling services as you plan your application and compare it to those who have successfully matched in your desired specialty.

All Geisinger Commonwealth students have a career coach to see them through to a successful residency match. Everything from the mean number of research experiences you have to the number and quality of volunteer experiences influences your chances of gaining entry to your desired specialty. Your coach will help you navigate these critical decisions and when your third year begins, weekly team support is available for:

  • CV prep and personal statement development and two-tier review of finished product
  • Specialty specific advising
  • Mock interviews
  • Rank order list assistance
  • Peer mentoring by alumni

To learn more about Match Day at Geisinger Commonwealth and to see a list of our past residency matches, click here.

Prep for practice

Students are required to participate in two Prep for Practice curriculum sessions: one as they begin their fourth year and one during the Match week experience.

Some Prep for Practice sessions are offered virtually and some are offered on regional campuses, with an emphasis on honing clinical skills and preparation for residency.