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The impact of Supreme Court decisions on the admissions process at Geisinger College of Health Sciences

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Wellness strategies

For most of us, having to unexpectedly leave or disengage with our communities — even just for a short time — can be stressful.

Here are six tips that you can use to maintain your mental health and well-being: 

  • Maintain a normal routine as best you can. Keeping to a regular schedule can be reassuring and promotes physical health.
  • Practice healthy habits and self-care. Get a healthy amount of sleep, eat well and move or exercise regularly.
  • Take breaks to ease your mind and distract yourself from worrying. Go for a walk. Watch a movie. Try a meditation app.
  • Use mindfulness and meditation to boost your immune system. Meditation also reduces cortisol in the system and decrease stress.
  • Avoid crowds — but stay connected. Off-campus distance learning means you’ll be geographically separated from the people you’d normally see on campus. Make an effort to connect with them through social media, email, texting and video chats.
  • Seek news from reliable sources and in moderation. In a different and unsettling situation, we may over-consume news and updates from any source. Get your news from trusted sources, and try not to get too absorbed in the coverage for long periods of time. Set limits and check in with yourself so you know when to take a break.

As you adjust to the impacts of COVID-19, know that we are all together in this. The Graduate School at the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine sends positive thoughts, encouragement and online support your way.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services remains available and students can connect at any time when they need support. We’ll address any physical and behavioral health needs you have — especially during this time of transition.

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Questions about COVID-19

Paul Burke, RN

Mental health or wellness concerns

Kyle Strobel, MS, NCC, LPC
Behavioral Health Therapist

Terry Waibel
Administrative Assistant