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Graduate certificates

Boost your credentials and advance your career with a certificate from Geisinger College of Health Sciences.

Our Biomedical Sciences Post-Baccalaureate certificate program consists of 16 credits, with the cost of tuition at $1,040/credit.

Biomedical Sciences Post-Baccalaureate

The Biomedical Sciences Post-Baccalaureate certificate program provides a concentrated education regarding essential biological science courses necessary for application to health-related professional programs. This certificate program can also be used to prepare an interested student for content associated with MCAT-, DAT- and GRE-related examinations. It provides a student lacking essential admission criteria for enrollment into our Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) program a chance to prove their academic credentials for possible future matriculation into the program. The certificate will take four academic quarters to complete and consists of four four-credit courses. This program is virtual.

Courses (16 credits required for certificate) 

  • Biochemistry (4)
  • Cell Biology (4)
  • Human Genetics (4)
  • Physiology (4)

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You'll learn from Geisinger College of Health Sciences' Master of Biomedical Sciences program faculty.

Admissions requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from a U.S. or Canadian accredited undergraduate college or university (must be completed before enrollment)
  • The following coursework*:
    • General biology with laboratory (one year/two semesters)
    • General chemistry with laboratory (one year/two semesters)
    • Organic chemistry with laboratory (one year/two semesters)
    • English and English composition (one semester)
    • General physics with laboratory (one year/two semesters) - Optional, not required
  • United States citizen or permanent residence

* College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits may not be used to fulfill any of the above course requirements. AP credits can be used toward required courses. Also, we are currently accepting online coursework and pass/fail grades.


These certificates are not yet Title IV-approved, so students aren’t eligible to apply for federal loans to cover the cost of tuition.

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