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Biomedical Sciences Post-Baccalaureate course descriptions

Biochemistry (4)
This course has been designed to emphasize the key principles related to metabolic biochemistry laying the foundation for potential further study of human biochemistry or other related fields.

Cell Biology (4)
This course will emphasize the basics of cell structure and function; modern investigative techniques used in the cell biology laboratory and have exposure to the practical application of cell biology concepts under normal physiological conditions and disease states.

Human Genetics (4) 
This course introduces students to classical and molecular genetics. The emphasis of this course will center on inherited human disorders and the emerging model of the human genome. Major topics include: Mendelian genetics, cytogenetics, multifactorial inheritance, developmental genetics, epigenetics, RNA biology, cancer genetics and genomics. 

Physiology (4) 
This course will introduce students to the physiological aspects of the human body by using a systems based approach. The course emphasizes broad concepts that form the basic understanding of human physiology and the physiology of each organ system.