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Internships and externships

Students in the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) program will complete research internship/externships in order to gain practical, professional, real-world experience as a researcher within a biotech company. The students will devote all of their time to working on a thesis research project, developing technical skills, working with professional teams, learning and enhancing communication skills and garnering working experience that will serve their future career aspirations.


  • Baruch S. Blumberg Institute
  • Hepatitis B Foundation
  • Natural Products Discovery Institute


  • Atrin Pharmaceuticals
  • K & H Pharma
  • Fox Chase Chemical Diversity Center
  • Conifer Point Pharmaceuticals
  • RegenerativeMED 
  • Hepron
  • Uscreen
  • JBS Science
  • Biophysical Solutions
  • IteraMed
  • Revive Genomics
  • AminoVir
  • Forge Life Science

A career in research that starts now

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