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Cost of attendance: MBS program

The cost of attendance (COA), also referred to as the “student budget,” is the estimated expenses a student will incur during the academic year for tuition and fees paid to Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (GCSOM) and for academic and living expenses related to enrollment.

Students should review the COA to determine if the estimated expenses can be minimized in any way. If you need the full amounts listed for each expense item, then you will need financial assistance up to the total COA. However, living expenses are estimated and students may set an individual budget that is less than the total cost of attendance, thereby minimizing the amount needed to borrow. If needed, the Financial Aid Office is available for budgeting assistance. See below for breakdown of allowable cost of living expenses.

Although a student’s non-tuition/fees costs vary considerably according to individual means, lifestyle choices and budgeting skills, federal aid regulations mandate that financial aid offices develop annual COA budgets that define and limit expenses eligible for financial aid funding. The COA budget provides for a modest but feasible student lifestyle.


2021 – 2022
Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS)
Online program tuition and fees

Direct cost: Tuition and fees (educational expenses)

Direct billable costs are those costs for which you will receive in an invoice from GCSOM. Tuition and fees are always direct billable costs.

Tuition for the MBS quarterly program is charged on a per credit basis for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. The cost per credit is $1,020.00.  Below are the other required graduate program educational fees:

  • Student service fee: $340.00 per year ($85.00 quarterly)
  • Student technology fee: $560.00 per year ($140.00 quarterly)
  • Graduation fee: $215.00 one-time charge

Indirect cost: Living expenses (non-educational expenses)

Indirect costs are costs you can incur while attending GCSOM, but not paid to GCSOM. Examples of indirect costs include books and supplies, transportation, personal expenses and off-campus living expenses.

Indirect costs are prorated according to the length of the student’s program and are listed below:

  • Books and supplies: $1,000.00 per year ($250.00 quarterly)
  • Rent/utilities: $1,690.00 quarterly (based on double occupancy)
  • Food: $690.00 quarterly
  • Miscellaneous: $1,544.00 quarterly
  • Transportation: $485.00 quarterly

If you do not need to borrow one or more of the indirect living expense resources listed above, you can reduce your student loan on Empower Web when accepting your financial aid award package.