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Regional campuses

In years three and four, medical students at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine complete their clinical training at their assigned regional campus.

All students are given the opportunity to rank order their preference of campus assignments via a form distributed to them after they visit each regional campus. Each student is provided a random lottery number and given a regional campus assignment based on their position within the lottery and indicated preference. 

Students are given the opportunity to voice any extenuating circumstances that directly relate to campus placement. We will do our best to take each circumstance into consideration in the assignment process.

Students are given an opportunity to exchange their placement voluntarily with other members of their class within a week of receiving the campus assignment. Both students must agree to the change and complete a regional campus change form. This form must be signed and returned within one week to the registrar who will keep this documentation. Offering incentives to switch regional campus assignments is strictly prohibited.

Please note that Geisinger Commonwealth is an evolving institution and the exact timing of the campus assignment lottery may vary from year to year and as additional campuses become available, some students may have the opportunity to change campuses based on this availability. It is our hope that this will be accomplished by asking for volunteers; however, Geisinger Commonwealth reserves the right to reassign students at any time. In the event of a major life change, such as extreme financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances, a student may request a change in regional campus assignment by petitioning the associate dean for student affairs.

Our current regional campuses include:

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GSCOM covers counties in northeastern and central Pennsylvania with four regional campuses headquartered in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Danville and Sayre.

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