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The impact of Supreme Court decisions on the admissions process at Geisinger College of Health Sciences

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MD timeline


  • AMCAS application opens.


  • Early Decision Program applicants must submit all documents by Aug. 1 for consideration.
  • Interview invitations sent.


  • MD interviews begin.


  • Early Decision Program applicants are notified.
  • Regular decision applicants are notified.


  • Last month to take MCAT exams for consideration.


  • Deadline to submit completed AMCAS application is Dec. 15.


  • Geisinger Commonwealth Secondary Application deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 15.


  • MD interviews conclude.
  • AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool: Plan to Enroll becomes available.


  • Pre-matriculation portal made available to admitted students.
  • Accepted Students Day
  • AAMC Professional Readiness Exam (PREview™) registration opens. For more information, visit our announcement and FAQ page.


  • Deadline for accepted students to hold at multiple schools
  • Notifications for regular decision applicants and update on deferred status
  • April 15: Students must limit their acceptances to three.
  • April 30: AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool: Commit to Enroll becomes available.


  • Geisinger Commonwealth will consult its alternate list as needed. Students can be called from this list up until the first day of orientation.


  • Accepted students should complete their pre-matriculation requirements.
  • AAMC Professional Readiness Exam (PREview™) administration begins. For more information, visit our announcement and FAQ page


  • Deadline to submit all pre-matriculation materials is July 1.
  • Matriculants must Commit to Enroll via the AMCAS Choose your Medical School Tool at least 21 days prior to matriculation.


  • Orientation and classes begin.

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