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Policies & information

Student policies
You can browse Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s student policies here.

Title IX
Click here for our Title IX resource page.

Student Bulletin
The Student Bulletin, complied by student affairs, serves as a guide for Geisinger Commonwealth students.

Graduation & retention rates
Below is information on Geisinger Commonwealth’s graduation and retention rates.

Graduation rates:

  • MD graduation rate (.91)
    • 65 entered
    • 59 completed in four years
    • 6 still enrolled
  • MBS graduation (.96)

Retention rates:

  • MD overall retention rate (.94)
  • MBS retention rate (.96)

USMLE Scores
Geisinger Commonwealth students have performed exceptionally well on the USMLE Step 1 exam. The Class of 2013 met the national mean, while the Class of 2014 exceeded the national mean.

Class of 2014
Geisinger Commonwealth mean: 230
National mean: 227

Class of 2013
Geisinger Commonwealth mean: 224
National mean: 224
The United States Medical Licensing Examination score (USMLE score) is given to test takers as a two-digit and three-digit score. These two scores are related to each other and are commonly used by hospitals to determine eligibility for residency and fellowship. Most Step 1 scores fall between 140 and 260, with the mean score in the United States between 220-240. The above chart illustrates the mean scores for the 2013 and 2014 class students at Geisinger Commonwealth.

For the second consecutive year, the Geisinger Commonwealth pass rate for Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) was above the national average. 98 percent of Geisinger Commonwealth’s third-year medical students in the class of 2014, compared to 96 percent of all U.S./Canadian first-time test takers, passed the exam as reported January through October 3, 2012. The mean score of Geisinger Commonwealth students was 231 which was higher than the preliminary national mean of 227.

In 2011, 98 percent of Geisinger Commonwealth third-year medical students in the class of 2013 passed Step I of the USMLE. Medical students surpassed the national average, which was 92 percent of all U.S./Canadian first-time test takers.