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Professional Science Master’s (PSM) admissions

A career in research that starts now

Earn your PSM at our Doylestown Campus.
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s Professional Science Master’s (PSM) program is an intense, 21-month program designed to train you to master the techniques necessary to complete biomedical research and prepare you to become an excellent technical specialist in academic and corporate settings. Due to the small class size, you will enjoy one-on-one relationships with course instructors and researchers. We train you in scientific technology with an emphasis in business so that you will have several career path options within the biotech sector. Geisinger Commonwealth partners with local, regional and national companies interested in giving our PSM students marketable, hands-on laboratory experience in an internship setting.

The lure of the lab without a PhD

If you love the lab and are energized by the prospect of advancing scientific knowledge but don’t relish the lengthy pathway to a PhD, Geisinger Commonwealth’s PSM program may be right for you. The PSM program is designed for students seeking a graduate degree in science that simultaneously develops the workplace skills necessary in order to obtain a science-driven career in business, government or at a nonprofit. Understanding both the science aims and the business goals of an employer makes a candidate with a PSM degree an invaluable asset. With a PSM degree, your list of potential employers ranges from large, multinational pharmaceutical companies to startup biotechnology companies.

Preparing you for a scientific research career in academia, industry or government research labs

Geisinger Commonwealth’s PSM program prepares you for a job as a research technician or technology specialist in the biomedical research industry, including biotech, life science, pharmaceutical companies, academia or government labs. The 42-credit program includes a graduate thesis research project in which you will demonstrate expert knowledge of biomedical theories and technologies gained in the program.

With your PSM, you will:

  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills
  • Learn to foster leadership and to promote scientific integrity
  • Hone your technical competence
  • Master safe laboratory procedures and practices
  • Develop key managerial and business skills
  • Cultivate collaboration and encourage team-based problem-solving in the lab

As a successful PSM student, you will be well-versed and experienced in biomedical sciences, and a skilled technical specialist suitable for the jobs now in high demand in government, academic or corporate environments.

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