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Committees and workgroups

This website is for informational purposes concerning the Behavioral Health Initiative. If you are looking for referrals or additional information about behavioral health services, call 211. If this is an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Steering committee

  • Chair: Terri Lacey
  • Members: Scott Koerwer, Jennifer Joyce, Karen Baker, Charles Barber, Kelly Ankenbrand, John Marsico, Steven Scheinman, Kathy Wallace, Carol Chaykosky, Jeffery Drake, James Gallagher, James Gavin, Jason Harlen, Michael Hogan, Steve Kafrissen, Tina Wydeen, Scott Constatini

Workgroup and task force initiatives

Information & tools workgroup

  • Purpose: (1) To create and maintain a website and data serving as a data resource of behavioral health care providers and services in the seventeen counties of northeastern and north central Pennsylvania; (2) to create and support the platform for the certificate program.
  • Chair: Terri Lacey
  • Members: Charles Barber, William Buck, Heather Davis, Jeffery Drake, Jay Fortin, James Gallagher, Edward Heffron, Deanna Kimble, John Marsico, Tina Wydeen, Michael Zimmerman

Improving patient experience & outcomes

  • Purpose: (1) To train the primary care (team) workforce in the course competencies needed to address BH needs of patients; (2) to encourage and support the implementation of collaborative care models of healthcare delivery.
  • Chair: Terri Lacey
  • Members: Karen Baker, Mark Basinger, Andrea DiMattia, Malcolm Eldredge, Tara Finnerty, Bill Poray, Richard Silbert, Ron Simon, Olapeju Simoyan, Carien Williams, Sarah Diccicco, Carol Chaykosky, Marika Handakas, Cheryl Stayton, Kathy Wallace, Trisha Weldon, Michael Zimmerman, Jay Fortin, James Gavin, Tiffany Griffiths, Michael Hopkins, Jennifer Joyce, Kylie McColligan-Oleski, Tina Wydeen

Workforce development

  • Purpose: (1) To convene the stakeholders of educational institutions/programs to encourage and support the development of BH competencies as a thread throughout health and human service related curriculum; (2) to improve access to behavioral healthcare through deployment of a skilled, compassionate and dedicated workforce.
  • Chair: Terri Lacey
  • Members: Karen Baker, Mark Basinger, Barbara Buxton, Andrea DiMattia, Erica Hoot, Bill Poray, Karen Arscott, Trisha Weldon, Carien Willaims, Tina Wydeen, Jennifer Malinoski, Olapeju Simoyan, Richard Silbert, Kylie McColligan-Oleski, Gina Galli

Autism task force

  • Chair: Terri Lacey
  • Members: Charles Barber, Sarah Drob, Jennifer Joyce, Corey O’Brien, Teri Ooms, Christa Martin, Steven Scheinman, Tina Clymer, Tina Wydeen, Jeremy Yale, Jim Gallagher, Kelly Ankenbrand, John Marsico, Malyhina Katsiaryna

Advisory committee 

Lackawanna County

Luzerne County

Bradford County

Carbon County

Centre County

Clinton County

Columbia County

Lebanon County

Lycoming County

Monroe County

Schuylkill County

Susquehanna County

  • NEPA Community Healthcare: Mary Wetherall 
  • Susquehanna Health: Steven Johnson, Cheryl Stayton, Malcolm Eldredge

Tioga County

  • Tioga County Human Services: Nancy Clemens

Wayne County

Wyoming County

  • The Burke Center: Donald Miller

Philadelphia (Federal Government)

Harrisburg (State Government)


New York

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Terri Lacey, RN, Director, Behavioral Health Initiative

Karen Arscott, DO
Karen Baker, CRA  
Ida Castro, JD, MA 
Heather Davis, MFA
Andrea DiMattia
Jay Fortin 
Marise Garofalo 
William Iobst, MD 
Jennifer Joyce, MD
Jane Kanyock
Malykhina Katsiaryn, Student 
Venard Scott Koerwer, EdD  
Julia Kolcharno
John Marsico, MBA
Andrea Mulrine, CFRE 
Robert Naismith, PhD
Ann Noon, CPA, MBA 
Steven Scheinman, MD
Sarah Schreiber, Student 
Olapeju Simoyan, MD 
Janet Townsend, MD
Carien Williams, MD


Mark Basinger
Poray William 
Christa Martin 
Brenda Finucane