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Academy of Clinical Educators (ACE)

Academy of Clinical Educators (ACE) is a program launched in the fall of 2012 that recognizes, rewards and encourages retention of our volunteer clinical faculty. All active volunteer clinical faculty are inducted into ACE as members at the various regional faculty development meetings. Self-nomination is encouraged to advance in the academy as a fellow or master, depending on criteria outlined in the ACE bylaws and level of involvement in the educational efforts of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine. Applications for advancement will be accepted at a date to be determined. We hope to see the scademy grow in recognition of the outstanding efforts and the important role of the volunteer clinical faculty in educating our students.

For more information on ACE, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at 570-504-9634.

ACE leadership

ACE masters and fellows

North region

Charles J. Bannon, MD
Gregory G. Basting, MD
Eric W. Blomain, MD
Harmar D. Brereton, MD
Carmine Cerra, MD
Harold J. Davis, MD
Francis Dennis Dawgert, MD
David Onofrey, MD
Gerald Tracy, MD
Henry C. Yeager, MD



South region

Richard B. English, MD
Mark F. Schiowitz, MD











West region

Timothy M. Heilmann, MD
Ralph H. Kaiser, MD


Joseph P. Bannon, MD
Paula R. Bennett, MD
Sanjay S. Chandragiri, MD
William R. Dewar, III, MD
Edward J. Dzielak, DO
John S. Farrell, MD
Jonathan A. Goldner DO
Ira Krafchin MD
Alexander T. Lalos, MD
Wasique Mirza, MD
Michael J. O’Donnell, MD
Christopher A. Peters, MD
Donald L. Preate, Jr, MD
Gregg A. Severs, DO
Jon K. Sternburg, MD
Kathleen A. Tigue, MD
Michael R. Tracy, MD
Michael Yoder, MD
Edward G. Zurad, MD

Samir Akach, MD
Philip J. Benyo, MD
James F. Caggiano, MD
Douglas S. Coslett, MD
Walter Richard DelGuadio, Jr, MD
Richard Fischbein, MD
Gwen M. Galasso, MD
Steve Glicken, MD
Eugene O. Gorski, MD
David W. Greenwald, MD
Steven R. Kafrissen, MD
Douglas Lincoln, MD, MPH
Maureen M. Litchman, MD
Joseph P. Narins, MD
Bruce H. Saidman, MD
Azra Sehic, MD
Deborah A. Spring, MD
Steven A. Zeger, MD

Joseph P. Bering, Jr, MD
Praful U. Bhatt, MD
Teresa I. Bianco, MD
Susan A. Branton, MD
Leonard R. Collins, MD
Joseph DeMay, MD
Charles D. Lamade, MD
Qasim Mahmood, MD
Janice L. Schifferli, DO
Gerhard C. Senula, MD, MBA
Mohammad Shafique, MD
Seth I. Weber, MD, JD