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The impact of Supreme Court decisions on the admissions process at Geisinger College of Health Sciences

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Faculty Senate


If you have any questions, contact Anne Gallagher, MHSA, director of Faculty Affairs, at


Institute Senators

  • Cancer: Lauren E. Nicholls, MD
  • Department of Medical Education: William A. McLaughlin, PhD
  • Diagnostic Medicine: Andres Moreno De Luca, MD
  • Heart and Vascular: Martin E. Matsumura, MD
  • Medicine: Mark F. Olaf, DO
  • Musculoskeletal: Edward M. DelSole, MD
  • Neuroscience: Darren L. Jacobs, DO
  • Surgery: Paul Covello, DDS
  • Women and Children's: Brytanie N. Marshall, MD
  • Department Of Population Health: Michael A. Kovalick, DO
  • Research: Vanessa Troiani, PhD

Regional Senators

  • Central : Kyle A. Marshall, MD
  • North: John S. Farrell, MD
  • South: Clemens M. Schirmer, MD, PhD
  • West: Sabrina Whitehurst, MD 
  • AtlantiCare: Magesh Sundaram, MD, MBA
  • Guthrie: Vineet Agarwal, MD, MRCSEd, MRCS(Eng.), FRCSEd(Urol.), FEBU

Senators at Large

  • Kendra Fawn Boell, DO, MBA
  • Salman S. Mirza, DO
  • Priyanka Pathak, MD
  • Wells Turner Reinheimer, DO
  • Aileen P. Wertz, MD
  • Stanley Mark Poler, MD
  • Li Zhang, MD, PhD
  • Patrick Jerome Erwin, MD, FACS
  • Matthew A. Meissner, MD
  • Caroline Baran, MD
  • Bryan Eric Martin, DO
  • Madian Taher Yahya, MD
  • Arun Kamalakar Gadre, MD, FACS
  • Keith  Patrick Williams, MD
  • Renee Frank, MD