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Chari Cohen, DrPH, MPH

Assistant Professor, Baruch S. Blumberg Institute
Director of Public Health, Hepatitis B Foundation
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Department of Medical Education
Doylestown Campus

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
Doylestown Campus
Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center of Bucks County
3805 Old Easton Road
Office 131
Doylestown, PA 18902
Fax: 215-489-4920

Assistant Professor


Chari Cohen, DrPH, MPH, is the director of public health for the Hepatitis B Foundation (HBF), in Doylestown, PA. For the past 15 years, she has planned, implemented and evaluated community programs and research projects focusing on hepatitis B and liver cancer. Her research focuses on reducing hepatitis B related health disparities, including developing culturally competent models for improving healthcare access. Dr. Cohen is cofounder and director of Hep B United Philadelphia, a coalition and campaign to increase testing, vaccination and linkage to care in Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Nationally, she is chair of the Coalition Against Hepatitis for People of African Origin (CHIPO). She is also cofounder and adviser to Hep B United, a national coalition in 14 states to address and eliminate hepatitis B. She sits on the steering committee for the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR), and served as policy chair for the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of the American Public Health Association from 2014 – 2016. Dr. Cohen received her MPH from Temple University and her DrPH in community health and prevention from Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health.

Student research opportunities

Data collection, management and analysis, community-based participatory research, needs assessment, literature review, program development and evaluation

Recent publications

  • Grossman, S., Alber, J., Cohen, C., Bleakley, A., & Merchant, R. (2017, February). A Content Analysis of Hepatitis B-related Social Media Content. Abstract accepted for oral presentation at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Cohen C, Evans AA, Huang P, London WT, Block J, Chen G. (2016). Hepatitis B knowledge among key stakeholders in Haimen City, China: Implications for addressing chronic HBV infection. Hepatology, Medicine and Policy, 1(4):2-9.
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DrPH – Drexel University, 2015
MPH – Temple University, 2001
BS – Lafayette College, 1996