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GCSOM Gala Committee 2019
Front row, from left: Laura Gillette-Mills, Joanie Hine, Nicole Ferentino, Ronda Beemer. Middle row, from left: Katie Sunday, Roxanne Schulman, Linda Vaji, Andrea Mulrine. Back row, from left: Tammy Jackson, Bethany Heitzman, Kara Badyrka

Gala co-chairs
Nicole Ferentino, DC and Jarrett Ferentino, Esq.
Joanie and Frank Hine

Silent auction co-chairs

Ronda Beemer
Laura Gillette-Mills

Committee members

Donna Barbetti
Lisa Browning
Sharon Byrne
Terese Casey
Ariane Conaboy, DO
Mary Beth D’Andrea
Marise Garofalo
Tammy Jackson
Amy S. Luyster
Susan Magnotta
Laine Martin
Kathy Mihok
Claudia Naismith
Kelly Scheinman
Roxanne Schulman
Elaine Shepard
Katie Sunday

Development staff

Kara Badyrka
Chris Boland
Jannine Cloud
Cheryl Connolly
Heather Davis
Bethany Heitzman
Jane Kanyock
Lauren Kutz
Andrea Mulrine
Linda Vaji
Dorothy Williams
Kay Young
Elizabeth Zygmunt


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