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The impact of Supreme Court decisions on the admissions process at Geisinger College of Health Sciences

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Preventive Medicine Program

The vision for preventive medicine at Geisinger Commonwealth

Americans spend more money on healthcare than any other nation. Even so, we lag behind every other developed nation in the prevention of disease and illness.

We need to get back to the basics. We need to recognize that wellness is the foundation of prevention. My colleagues and I want to spark a preventive medicine interest at Geisinger Commonwealth School of medicine through transformative medical education and community awareness. Among other things, Geisinger Commonwealth’s Preventive Medicine Program will include exploration of how a sensible and data-driven approach to nutrition may quickly enhance wellness. Other facets of preventive medicine include exercise, stress reduction, smoking cessation and a renewed focus on mental health and substance abuse issues.

Having personally benefited from plant-based nutrition, I can attest to its life-altering results. My own discovery of the intimate relationship between personal habits and wellness inspired this program, which began with the naming of an advisory board. The inaugural board consists of medical, academic and business sector innovators who have also experienced more abundant health through healthy life style choices.

Please join us. Your support will help to promote innovative approaches to achieving optimum health and wellness for our community.

– Robert W. Naismith, PhD
Clinical Professor, Department of Medical Education
Board Member, Community Advisory Board

Transform community health and wellness

Contribute to Geisinger Commonwealth’s Preventive Medicine Program.

Preventing illness and disease

As an innovative medical education institution charged with preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals, Geisinger Commonwealth has a responsibility to inform our students, educate the general public and prevent unnecessary disease in our local communities. In response to this challenge, Geisinger Commonwealth has established the Preventive Medicine Program, initially focusing on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. The program is designed to mitigate disease progression, lower healthcare costs and generally improve health, wellness and quality of life for residents of northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

Early components of the program include a lecture series and community education. Within the Preventive Medicine Lecture Series, thought leaders will give medical students, residents and physicians the tools needed to provide high-quality patient care and make healthy decisions for themselves and their families. Community healthcare professionals, researchers, media representatives, chefs, restaurateurs and the community at large will be encouraged to get involved.

The Community Education Program will inform, remove biases and engage diverse audiences, from medical providers to interested members of the community. Events will encourage healthy behaviors, including exercise and an emphasis on a healthy diet, while sharing the deleterious effects of substance abuse. One important goal of the program is to advance regional, disease-centric research collaborations.

Preventitive medicine

Your impact on community wellbeing

Partnering with Geisinger Commonwealth to support the Preventive Medicine Program is an unprecedented opportunity to impact the Campaign for Scholarships and Innovation and the future health of our region.

Your gift, of any amount, in support of the Preventive Medicine Lecture Series will empower local families and communities through an understanding of effective, life-changing nutrition and other healthy habits and behaviors.

Two giving opportunities – Preventive Medicine Fund and Endowment for Preventive Medicine Lectureship – will provide current funds to develop the program and endowment funds to sustain the program for generations to follow. Donate to the Preventive Medicine Program today!

Preventive Medicine Lecture Series

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