Frequently asked questions

The road to the internship . . . how did they get there?
Here is a sample of some of the prior work experiences of interns before starting the internship:

  • Diet technician
  • Work study jobs in a college nutrition department
  • Food service positions in university/hospital facilities and long term care
  • WIC nutritionists
  • Research assistants
  • Catering jobs
  • Wait staff positions

Internship applicants have been accepted form university dietetic programs from all across the country.

The University of Michigan, James Madison University, University of Delaware, Utah State University, Oregon State University, University of California, Davis, West Chester University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, La Salle University, Drexel University, Marywood University, State University of New York at Oneonta, and Cornell University are just some of the colleges represented by past and current interns.

What are the graduates doing now?

Geisinger internship graduates obtain various job positions in the field of nutrition and dietetics. These include: clinical registered dietitians for healthcare systems and long term care facilities, nutrition director in a long term care facility; nutrition and food service director in a community hospital, dietitian for a state university nutrition extension program, dietitians for food companies, corporate dietitians for supermarkets, private practitioners and professor for didactic program in dietetics .

How do graduates describe the program to potential interns?

"The entire internship truly helped developed me as a professional. I could tell this internship was just as important to me as it was to my supervisor, director and preceptors. I felt as though my learning and overall experience was a priority. I am so grateful to have been matched with this internship and am excited to start my career with such a solid foundation."

"Working individually with the preceptors has been very beneficial and rewarding. Also, the structure of the program here at Geisinger is very organized and efficient; rotations average two weeks in length, a perfect amount of time to gain the general knowledge you need in each area."

"The internship can be challenging at times but there are so many resources and incredible faculty and staff that provide you with unique opportunities you would never experience elsewhere. I definitely feel well prepared."