Fellow experiences

The year of fellowship at Geisinger was one of the best years in my surgical training. I found great teachers and mentors in this program. A great variety of cases and operative independance was the best part of the fellowship at Geisinger. I found this fellowship as well balanced between foregut and bariatric surgery. I have no doubt that graduates of this program will find themselves as a confident and independent surgeon in the field of MIS/Bariatric Surgery well before the graduation.
- Hrishikesh Nerkar, MIS/Bariatric Fellowship, 2013-2014

Being early into independent practice as a general surgeon, I have found this fellowship year to have been the most formative one of my surgical training. The autonomy to make decisions, and the rapidly escalated autonomy to operate unsupervised, doing basic to complex re-operative laparoscopic foregut surgery is responsible for instilling that surgical confidence. The efficiency of the Geisinger system is a dream to work in, as is the comradery of the MIS division. There is ample clinical research opportunity, and support for doing so. Despite the very high surgical volume, there was still enough time to adequately prepare for the boards. We also participated in conferences that ranged from morbidity and mortality, bariatric medicine lectures, video conference with Cleveland Clinic, bariatric outcomes, and didactic sessions to the residents. This program offered a holistic grooming for a young surgeon.
- Amrit Rambhajan, MIS/Bariatric Fellowship, 2012-2013

I completed the MIS/ Bariatric surgery fellowship at Geisinger Medical Center in 2013. I am currently the chief of bariatric surgery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. During my time at Geisinger I had a broad exposure to bariatric and foregut surgery to include revisional cases. After graduating I felt very prepared to handle any bariatric or foregut case that I was referred. My family and I enjoyed living in Danville.
- David Parker, MIS/Batriatric Fellowship, 2012-2013

This was a busy fellowship. I got volume, complexity, supervision when needed and autonomy once ready. Prepared me well for my present role; building a multidisciplinary bariatric center and operating on often complex foregut pathology. I would highly recommend it.
- Girish Luthra, MIS/Bariatric Fellowship, 2011-2012