Program director

  • Mohsen M. Shabahang, MD, PhD, FACS

 Associate program director

  • John Semian, MD, FACS, Associate, General Surgery
  • Tania Arora, MD, Associate, Surgical Oncology

Chief residents

  • Corrine Bluming, MD
  • Rebekah Campbell, MD
  • Katie Jaap, MD


  • Mahanbabu Alaparthi, MD, General Surgery
  • Susan Baro, DO, FACOS, Associate, Trauma Surgery, Surgical Critical Care
  • Joseph Blansfield, MD, FACS, Section Head, Surgical Oncology
  • Christopher Buzas, DO, Associate, Colorectal Surgery
  • Matthew Cindric, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Christopher Coppola, MD, MBA, FACS, Associate, Pediatric Surgery
  • James R. Elmore, MD, FACS, Director, Endovascular Surgery; Director, Vascular Fellowship
  • Patrick J. Erwin, MD, Associate, General Surgery
  • Matthew A. Facktor, MD, Director, Thoracic Surgery
  • Luiz Foernges, MD, Associate, Trauma & Critical Care
  • Michael E. Friscia, MD, Associate, Thoracic Surgery
  • Jon Gabrielsen, MD, FACS, Associate, Minimially Invasive Surgery
  • Robert Garvin, MD, Associate, Vascular Surgery
  • John L. Gray, MD, Associate, Vascular Surgery
  • James Gregory, MD, Trauma Surgery
  • Kristen Halm, MD, Section Head, Colorectal Surgery
  • Alfred Kennedy Jr., MD, Associate, Pediatric Surgery
  • Anil Kotru, MD, Director, Transplantation & Liver Surgery
  • Dianne J. Leonard, MD, FACS, Director, Pediatric Trauma Surgery Program
  • Kevin Long, MD, Associate, Colorectal Surgery
  • Tamara Myers, MD, Associate, General Surgery
  • Ksenia Orlova, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Anthony Petrick, MD, FACS, Section Head, Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Megan Rapp, MD, Associate, Trauma Surgery
  • Mary Jane Reed, MD, FACS, FASMBS, FCCM, FCCP, Associate, Trauma Surgery, General Surgery, & Critical Care
  • Evan Ryer, MD, Vascular Surgery
  • Ronald Scorpio, MD, Director, Pediatric Surgery
  • William Strodel, MD, FACS, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Division of Surgery; Chairman Emeritus, Division of Surgery; Associate, Department of General Surgery
  • Denise Torres, MD, Director, Trauma Surgery and Critical Care
  • John Widger, MD, Associate, General Surgery
  • Kenneth A. Widom, MD, Section Head, Trauma Surgery, General Surgery, & Critical Care
  • Jeffrey Wild, MD, Associate, Trauma Surgery

Program coordinator

  • Jennifer Wolfe, BS