Frequently asked questions

Q. Is a research year mandatory?
A. No, but each resident is expected to participate in some form of clinical research with attending staff mentorship every year.

Q. Do you accept foreign medical graduates and do you currently have any foreign graduates in your program?
A. We do accept foreign medical graduates and currently have high quality FMGs in the program. We expect FMGs to be eligible for and to maintain a J-1 Visa.

Q. What is the minimum score requirement for your program?
A. While we do not have a minimum score requirement for the USMLE, we do expect candidates to have passed on the first try. No fails are accepted.

Q. What type of visa do you sponsor?

A. The J-1 Visa. (We do not sponsor H1 Visas.)

Q. Do you require prior United States clinical experience?
A. Familiarity with the U.S. medical system is helpful but not required.

Q. Do you have observership positions available?
A. At this time we cannot support observerships.