Continuity clinics

Continuity clinic is the cornerstone of med-peds training. At Geisinger, residents participate in innovative primary care practices providing high-quality, comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Geisinger's medical home model, Proven Health Navigator® is a partnership between patients and Geisinger Health Plan allowing improved management of chronic medical conditions. Our medical home model puts patients at the center of a physician-led healthcare team aimed at coordinating care from maintaining wellness to managing illness. As a health system, we have demonstrated improved outcomes for our patients as a result of our innovative delivery models for primary care.

During their four years of continuity clinic, residents will build a panel of patients for which they are directly responsible. With our robust electronic medical record, residents have access to their quality data providing real time feedback on their clinical effectiveness. Residents can track their performance with the management of chronic disease conditions such as diabetes, CAD, HTN, CKD, obesity and asthma as well as monitor their success in ensuring patients are up to date with preventive health measures, including immunizations.

Geisinger Berwick, Geisinger Lewisburg, Geisinger Selinsgrove and Geisinger Milton are multidisciplinary clinics with embedded lab and radiology services. Residents are able to see both adult and pediatric patients during clinic and are staffed by med-peds trained physicians. Our EMR offers a seamless transition from inpatient to outpatient venues, allowing residents to manage their patient population at all times, even while rotating at the hospital. Patients are able to communicate via e-mail with their resident provider through the EMR's patient portal, MyGeisinger®.

For residents wishing to stay on the Geisinger Medical Center campus, an alternating week IM and Peds clinic can be arranged. Residents see pediatric patients at Knapper Clinic and adult patients at Dickey Clinic. As the clinics are located at the main hospital, all ancillary services are readily available.