In addition to the daily conferences that occur in both internal medicine and pediatrics the med-peds residency also offers bi-weekly lectures. The med-peds lecture series is a twice monthly lecture series that focuses on the unique learning needs of our med-peds residents. It is constructed to fill two purposes: the first is to present med-peds specific topics and the second is to provide education on healthcare delivery, innovations and hands on procedural topics. The goal of the lecture series is to educate our residents on what it means to be a med-peds physician in today’s changing healthcare system. The lectures run over a three-to four-year curriculum to expose all residents to a wide range of topics.

Examples of lectures according to core competencies would include the following. Note many topics fall under several categories:

  • Patient care/medical knowledge: Pulmonary function test interpretation, advanced EKG readings, journal appraisal, various sports medicine topics
  • System-based practice: ProvenCare® topics including COPD bundle, adult prevention bundle, congestive heart hailure bundle, pharmacy involvement
  • Professionalism: Bioethics course, conflict management
  • Inter-professional and communication skills: How to be an educator, how to be a learner, 1-minute preceptor, cultural diversity
  • Practice-based learning: ProvenCare® topics, how to start a research project

Journal club occurs at least six times a year and is led by Agnes Sundaresan, MD. We utilize an electronic discussion board allowing all residents to participate regardless of rotation assignment. The on-line blog is followed by a dedicated conference to review the important elements of critical appraisal.

Annually, the med-peds residency hosts a retreat focusing on professional development. Past topics have included leadership development, conflict management, emotional intelligence, physician burnout and wellness.