Personal and professional development

Unique educational opportunities
In addition to the daily lectures and conferences, residents also have the ability to develop individualized educational opportunities based on their needs, such as continuity clinics in a selected field of interest. In addition to the well-established programs listed below, previous residents have developed experiences in sports medicine, obesity and advocacy.

Quality improvement fundamentals

Course designed to advance knowledge and skills related to patient safety and quality improvement. Residents completing this course have the opportunity to participate on an active quality improvement team within the hospital.

Cognitive skills
Seminar focused on developing effective study skills and test-taking strategies. Individuals may also request private sessions for assessment of learning and test-taking styles followed by development of an individualized improvement plan.

International health
Med-peds residents have the opportunity to participate in international health electives. Previous residents have traveled to Honduras, China, India, Namibia, and the Ukrainian Republic. This experience occurs as part of a structured educational rotation with a board-certified Geisinger faculty member. Financial support is available.

Practice management seminar
Offered annually for residents nearing the end of their training, this course covers topics related to the "business" of medicine. Topics covered include: finding a practice, interviewing, contract negotiation, and developing a clinical practice.

Health systems and leadership
As an educational program located within an integrated health system, residents have ample opportunity to expand their knowledge of modern health systems. All residents will experience our innovative health system from a clinical perspective. Residents with future interests in healthcare administration and leadership can take advantage of numerous opportunities to learn how our programs develop, starting at the highest levels. This educational offering can occur either as a longitudinal or block experience.

Summer stats for docs

Led by a local university statistics professor, this eight-week course is offered every summer. This course offers a non-theoretical practical introduction to fundamental statistics for residents wishing to pursue scholarly work.

Simulation and procedure training

All med-peds residents will receive procedural and team training during their residency through Geisinger's Education and Medical Simulation Centers.  Adult and pediatric task trainers are available for procedural training in lumbar punctures, central lines and joint injections. Additionally, all residents will complete the joint injection curriculum offered by our rheumatology department. During this course, residents will receive dedicated instruction, followed by practice in the cadaver lab with subsequent opportunity to attend a joint injection clinic. Interprofessional team training occurs during regularly held pediatric and adult mock codes. Our residents are exposed to the newly expanded standardized patient protocol.